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Gingerbread Candy sugar large

Artisanal 440gr
€ 4.95


Delicious Belgian gingerbread with extra candy sugar.  Still a popular cake to savour!


Gingerbread as a spiced honey cake has many sorts and many traditions. After Roman times, in our regions, the recipe was kept in the monasteries. In the Middle Ages, we had the "gingerbread bakers" but once the crafts disappeared, the gingerbreads were baked by the bakers until they specialized again in the 19th century and gingerbread factories were established all over Belgium.


The gingerbread recipe evolved over the centuries, and mechanization made the job easier. The basic ingredients for Belgian gingerbread are 100% rye flour, honey or sugar syrups and 10% lace cake. Lace cakes are the “sides” of previously baked gingerbread that are added again to aid maturation of the mother dough. Once these basic ingredients are well mixed, the mother dough then rests for at least a week. Finally, the other ingredients such as baking powder and cinnamon are added. The dough is poured into large containers. Baking gingerbread happens slowly, but the end product is well worth the wait!


In the production of Belgian gingerbread, one is limited to the use of one grain, namely rye, 10% lace cake and is only spiced with cinnamon. Typically Belgian is that no other herbs, no other fats and no eggs are used. In addition, no preservatives nor colourings are added.