Some Leonidas products contain allergens (gluten or nuts for instance). If you have a food allergy, simply contact us and we'll be happy to tell you which chocolates are safe for the allergy you specify.

In short:


Eggs and egg derivatives (albumin)

Leonidas products contain no eggs, except for our jellies and our lemon slices and orange slices.


Gluten is a molecule found in cereals such as wheat, barley, oats and their derivatives such as malt and starch. Some Leonidas products are made with ingredients that contain gluten and that may contain traces of gluten.


Dried fruits
Many Leonidas products contain nuts (hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, etc.). All Leonidas product can contain traces of dried fruit.


Milk (lactose, milk proteins, etc.)
Dairy products are naturally key ingredients in the manufacture of some Leonidas products. Leonidas quality assurance procedures demand that between manufacturing cycles, i.e. between different types of chocolate, the equipment will be properly cleaned and rinsed. Despite the implementation of good manufacturing practices, traces of milk proteins may be found in some of our dark chocolates. The American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFA) have identified milk proteins as a food allergen. However, methods of analysis have recently become available to manufacturers that allow milk proteins to be detected in minute proportions of parts per million. For the benefit of its customers, Leonidas prints the following statement on all its packaging at the end of the list of ingredients for its dark chocolate "(may contain traces of milk proteins)”.


Detailed list of allergens: click here


Some of the products in the Leonidas range are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Feel free to contact us:



A list that identifies the products that do not contain alcohol is available on request at



We do have Kosher certification for our products. We have a list of authorized products published by the Chicago Rabbinical Council. Feel free to contact us:



From 3 August 2003, a European Directive has allowed chocolate manufacturers to use vegetable fats (instead of cocoa butter) in their chocolates, albeit under certain very strict conditions. This Directive caused a lot of controversy among manufacturers and consumers, but at Leonidas we have a very clear and simple position on this issue. Leonidas only uses 100% cocoa butter in its chocolates and fillings, no vegetable fats. The statement that "Leonidas is 100% pure cocoa butter... and 100% quality" is more true now than ever.