There is spring!

25 April 2022
The Irr├ęsistibles....the name says it all! To celebrate spring, Leonidas is launching - in addition to its existing white chocolate with strawberry and rhubarb - three temporary chocolates with a cream of sun-drenched fruit, a true delicacy!

The new Easter egg!

16 February 2022
In our assortment of no less than twenty (!) different Easter eggs, we welcome our newcomer with the legendary flavour: the Cookie Dough Easter egg!

Blue is in the air!

25 January 2022
Are we seeing this correctly? Yes, blue chocolate! Leonidas surprises with an absolute scoop: the blue heart 'bleu de toi', 100% natural and a feast for your taste buds! Discover the secret of the blue colour and surprise or be surprised with the complete range of hearts!

NEW! Heard of the CROUSTY?

11 September 2021
New and irresistible! Have you already tasted the Crousty? Crispy, airy, creamy and impossible to resist! Perfect for sharing, at any time of the day, or just to enjoy alone :-)

Discover the Leondias Easter eggs!

07 March 2021
Find your favourites! Here is a nice overview of the delicious Leonidas Easter eggs range! Discover all flavours coated in milk, white or dark chocolate and be surprised by the new golden egg!

We can hear the bells ringing!

07 March 2021
Curious about the Easter creations of Leonidas? We are again spoiled with a mouth-watering assortment of Easter chocolates! Discover and enjoy!
Why do we eat chocolate eggs at Easter?

Leonidas Warrant Holder of the Court of Belgium

02 March 2021
The famous LEONIDAS Belgian Chocolates are renowned since 1913 as one of the finest quality chocolates, and make the mouth of all lovers of chocolate water...