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Biscuits J. Destrooper Mini Butter Waffles

€ 3.30


Summer butter, vanilla, eggs and flour. A mix that appears out of the oven as a feather-light crisp biscuit. Enjoy the glorious taste of real butter with refreshing vanilla. Handy in a compact degustation wrapping.


Summer butter is essentially made from the milk of cows that graze in the summer, instead of eating silage in wintertime. This butter contains more soft fats, making it creamier and softer. The milk of the Irish butter that Jules Destrooper uses is sourced from Southwestern Ireland. Overtheren the cows can graze outdoors the whole summer long.


The impeccable quality of the Bourbon vanilla pods gives the extra flavour to the Butter waffle. These vanilla pods come from the biological cultivation of the vanilla Orchid in Madagascar. They release off much more flavour than any other vanilla pod.


The sugar from Tienen was chosen because this pure delicacy is selected and sieved with the utmost of care. It also dissolves very quickly and is very soft, so it is the ideal sugar to use in biscuits.


In short, only the best ingredients for these first quality biscuits!


Dimensions: 9 x 5 x 14 cm or 3,5 x 2 x 5,5 inches