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Candy floss

fruit flavours 50g
€ 3.30


Who doesn't know this fluffy candy? Delicious spun sugar, not on a stick, but conveniently packed in an airless box! A sweet reminder of the fair and little sticky hands. To chop your thumbs!


Candy floss is obtained by heating sugar in a turbine that rotates at very high speed to make sugar threads. For the origin of the cotton candy we have to go back a few centuries. It is unclear when exactly, but spun sugar (caramel) was used before the 18th century. Candy floss is said to have been invented in 1830 by a dentist. However, others are convinced that the candy floss was named after a fairground attraction in America where this candy was always made.


The Australian name for candy floss is fairy floss, in France it is called barbe à papa (father's beard) and the Germans say zuckerwatte (sugar cotton wool). In America it is called cotton candy. They are so fond of cotton candy, that they even made it a public holiday. Every December the 7th, in the U.S. is Cotton Candy Day!


Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 14,5 cm or 4,7 x 4,7 x 5,7 inches